Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have finally migrated this journal to Blogger.  I am glad to see that my posts and comments have shown up as well.  The blog address is  however most of my posts will be at the new blog

Love and prayers, Penny


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Moving on . . .

I just started a new blog at Blogger.  I hope that my AOL Journals transfer safely over there.  I just don't want to lose all those memories to this foul-up here.  I will be looking you all up over there if you go.  I am so sad.

My new blog is:

I'm not thru here until my journals have been "migrated" but I will only post there from now on.

Love to all, Penny

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joining You All in Anger and Disbelief

I cannot believe that AOL is shutting down journals!  This is the only reason I have continued to pay.  I've only been here 4 years, but J-Land has become a home of sorts for me. 

That big-wig at the top has no idea what journals editors and my son John Scalzi have created here.  We are not just a bunch of bloggers ~ we are family. 

I have been so ill that I have not been posting as I did in the past, but I hate the idea of some top-dog nobody stealing what we have become.  I for one will not be paying for my account here after my blogs are migrated to Blogger.  This will be my e-mail for a while, but I can't stay where I've been betrayed.

Don't blame the journals editors . . . go straight to the top!  I suppose it's too late to revolt . . . the decision was made on July 25th with no notice to us until now.  It's a sneaky and underhanded thing to do.  There have been many posts on Magic Smoke, so go there to read the disgusting news. 

I love you all so much and will miss the camaraderie here in J-Land.

Blessings and prayers,  Penny

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I hate this computer!  It's a lemon.  Today will be the 2nd replacement hard drive in 3 months.  I'm seriously considering a Mac as soon as I can afford it.  I won't buy a Dell laptop again.  Our desktop is a work horse.  Ugh. 

As for everything else in my life, things are okay.  The weather is beautiful, the pups are growing fast and my best love (Rob) treats me like a queen.  I have complaints . . .who doesn't?  I try to lay them at the foot of the cross.  Sometimes I grab them back ~ I suffer until I give up and turn it back over. 

Here's hoping that you all have a blessed and fruitful day.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

J-Land 5 Years!


There is so much to say about my involvement in J-Land.  My son John Scalzi helped me set up my journal on 9/16/04.  In his journal, he told people to go on to greet me.  A lot of people wrote "Welcome to J-Land"  Egotist that I was, I though that meant John-Land.  Even told my husband that.  Silly mom!

Almost immediately, I began to make friends.  My first were Krissy, Val and Chuck (RIP).  I've made many other friends since then. 

There was always a celebration and chat for anniversary.  We made a big deal of it.  I just missed the first anniversary.  I've not missed any since.

Soon after the anniversary, there was an AOL Journals Awards.  I got in at 2nd year and won a then-calld Vivi Award for:

                        I was thrilled and could hardly wait for the J-Land "Ball"  announcing the winners.  I think the awards stopped in 2006 or 2007 because there was a lot of in-fighting in the committee.  To bad, I really liked the awards and seeing my friends win.  I also got to go read new journals.

J-Land has been a wonderful outlet for me both in public and private journals.  I've shared my poetry, my everyday life and in private my very personal feelings.  I've never found a blog or journal setting where you can mak friends, IM them in the same place and meet new readers and writers.  My alert list somtimes overwhelms me, but I do my best to read, lurk and comment.              


Every year we have one of this kind of graphic announcing the year anniversary.  There have also been some other very beautiful graphics made.  I'd put them all up, but a lot of you have them saved already. 

I don't know who started J-Land, but since I got on AOL 4 years ago, I have laughed, cried, prayed, felt empathy or sympathy, sadness at the loss of our members.  We are a family here.  Most of us will never meet in person, but the love we have here is every bit as strong as that we hav with our local friends and in some cases stronger.

So here's to you  J-Land!  5 years strong and moving right along!  This is one of the best things to happen to me and you are all responsible.  Thank you all,


Thanks to Donna for the animated tags today.  I don't remember who made the Vivi award.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cleaning Out the "Attic"


I've been looking through my "mental attic" recently.  It's been a bit disturbing for me.  I truly believe one should always look to the current day and forward.  That said, there are ghosts in my "attic" that won't leave me alone.  Some of this I've been sharing in my private journal and hopefully very soon with a therapist.  Also the current me, the one living on this floor, this day is incredibly stressed out.  You guys know I have physical ailments ~ I can handle that because I'm believing for complete healing.  The part that's hard for me to give to God is the everyday stress, strain and depression.  I really don't feel comfortable sharing that stuff in a public journal.  I just wanted you to know how my life is going right now.

I read your journals most every day.  I have a healthy list of favorites.  I tend to be a lurker lately . . . not commenting much.  I do so enjoy your words, poetry or prose and the very valuable (to me) gals who make graphics for us to share.  Donna, Chris, Sugar, Angela (can't remember all the names, sorry) ~ you are so wonderful to put your art, creations, adaptations and tag requests for us.  If there is anyone in J-Land who does not appreciate all the hard work these ladies do and still grabs their snags and tags, shame on you!  A simple thank you goes a long way.

OK ~ off the soapbox.  It has absolutely beautiful here in my part of SoCal.  The skies are overcast in the morning, but the rest of the day is reasonably cool and comfortable.  Lately our temperatures have not gone above the mid-high 70's.  If it reaches 80 degrees, we are complaining of the heat Where I stayed for a while and where my daughters live in the northern mountains, temperatures have ranged from 105 to 117 degrees.  Boy do I love being near the ocean.  For those of you suffering from the heat and humidity . . . I am so sorry.  If my home were big enough I'd host you all.

Six weeks or more ago, our landlord told us that new carpet was coming soon.  Rob and I tore out the old carpet in one bedroom and 1/2 the living room (well, he did most of it).  We have been waiting.  I came home in early June and have yet to unpack most of my belongings because we don't want to take it right back out again.  I miss my stuff and now the house is in an uproar to boot.  Unfortunately it's a family member of our landlord who is holding up progress.  Carpet is beautiful, paid for and ready to install.  The installer (family member) just hasn't gotten around to it.  I'm beginning to feel more sorry for our landlord than ourselves.  We have puppies and the training is going well, however "mistakes" happening are better on old flooring than new.

As I said before, I read your journals and think about you, adding you all to my prayers each day.  I pray for your lives to be full and healthy, fruitful and blessed.  I love you all,            

Wednesday, August 13, 2008



My sister sent this e-mail last night.  I found it interesting and wanted to find out what you guys think.  I'm getting tired of forwarding and choosing who to send it to.  Got a poll at the bottom.  So here it is in its entirety:

E-Mail of the Year!!

'My Fellow Americans: As you all know, the defeat of the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Iraq regime has been completed.
Since Congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete.

This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American forces from Iraq. This action will be complete within 30 days. It is now time to begin the reckoning.

Before me, I have two lists. One list contains the names of countries which have stood by our side during the Iraq conflict. This list is short . The United Kingdom, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, and Poland are some of the countries listed there.

The other list contains every one not on the first list. Most of the world's nations are on that list. My press secretary will be distributing copies of both lists later this evening.

Let me start by saying that effective immediately, foreign aid to those nations on List 2 ceases indefinitely. The money saved during the first year alone will pretty much pay for the costs of the Iraqi war.

The American people are no longer going to pour money into third world Hell holes and watch those government leaders grow fat on corruption.

Need help with a famine ? Wrestling with an epidemic? Call France.

In the future, together with Congress, I will work to redirect this money toward solving the vexing social problems we still have at home. On that note, a word to terrorist organizations. Screw with us and we will hunt you down and eliminate you and all your friends from the face of the earth.

Thirsting for a gutsy country to terrorize? Try France or maybe China.

I am ordering the immediate severing of diplomatic relations with France, Germany, and Russia. Thanks for all your help, comrades. We are retiring from NATO as well.

I have instructed the Mayor of New York City to begin towing the many UN diplomatic vehicles located in Manhattan with more than two unpaid parking tickets to sites where those vehicles will be stripped, shredded and crushed. I don't care about whatever treaty pertains to this. You creeps have tens of thousands of unpaid tickets. Pay those tickets tomorrow or watch your precious Benzes, Beamers and limos be turned over to some of the finest chop shops in the world. I love New York

A special note to our neighbors: Canada is on List 2. Since we are likely to be seeing a lot more of each other, you folks might want to try not pissing us off for a change.

Mexico is also on List 2. Its president and his entire corrupt government really need an attitude adjustment. I will have a couple thousand extra tanks and infantry divisions sitting around. Guess where I am going to put 'em? Yep, border security.

Oh, by the way, the United States is abrogating the NAFTA treaty - starting now.

We are tired of the one-way highway. Immediately, we'll be drilling for oil in Alaska-which will take care of this country's oil needs for decades to come. If you're an environmentalist who opposes this decision, I refer you to List 2 above: pick a country and move there.

It is time for America to focus on its own welfare and its own citizens. Some will accuse us of isolationism. I answer them by saying,
'darn tootin.'<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Nearly a century of trying to help folks live a decent life around the world has only earned us the undying enmity of just about everyone on the planet. It is time to eliminate hunger in America. It is time to eliminate homelessness in America. To the nations on List 1, a final thought. Thank you guys. We owe you and we won't forget.

To the nations on List 2, a final thought: You might want to learn to speak Arabic.

God bless America.. Thank you and good night.

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you are reading it in English, thank a soldier.


Blessings and love to you all,


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Pups 'n Stuff

for your enjoyment . . . Puppies!


I hope you all enjoy the show.  This music is perfect for watching them play.  Ginger acts like she owns the world, but Shadow is twice her size and patient.

Last evening, I put them all outside to do their "duty" and play while it was yet a little light.  I told Rob they were outside and went to the kitchen to get something to eat.  While toasting up my second waffle, Rob came in coverd with dirt and dust.  He was shaking.  "I had a fall"  Then of course it all came out while I was checking him over.  One of the puppies (Ginger?) ran to the other side of the yard instead of coming in.  Any of you have kids?  Anyway, we had rolled up old carpet and Rob hit it and went down.  He's pretty much done in for today.  My poor honey! 

The local county fair has started and I really want togo this year.  It may not be in our budget.  I was going to go see my daughter as well, but train rides have jumped from my ususal $120 round trip to over $200.  I need and want to go, but I don't know where we will find the money yet.  I've hit Medicare's "donut hole" where Part D stops paying or helping until you reach $4,000 out of pocket.  Most of my medications are truly spendy.  I got samples for the one that is $293, but it was a starter pack so I used it up in a few days.  Today I called Target to reorder . . . American Express save me! . . . the pharmacist put me on hold for a moment to see if they had it in stack and when she came on the line she spoke a miracle to me.  They now have a generic and my cost will be  $4.00!!!  That is so cool.   When I go in a little, I will ask her to look at my list to see if any more have generics now. 

It's nearly 2:00pm, I've got laundry washing, towels drying, need to go out, come back and cook our monthly steak meal (YUM). Our bills are paid, food shopping done.  We may be broke or nearly so, but our life is good. Yes, there are trials and tribulations, but as long as we have a mustard seed of faith, we will be able to move these things out of the way.

I apologize for not commenting much. I've been distracted a lot lately, spend more time on Pogo than writing comments, e-mails, etc. I am here however. I read your journals and enjoy them. I also think of you throughout the day and pray often for your needs and well-being. I am blessed to be a member of J-Land.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


... and before you ask:  NO those are not my feet down there \/

My feet are numb.  Well, you could say they are numb.  They feel asleep, swollen and painful all at the same time.  I don't usually write about this stuff in my journal, but there you are:  my feet are numb.

The numbness and lose of nerve conduction in my limbs is due to something called Polyneuropathy.  I don't know why I have it.  Most people who suffer from it also have diabetes.  The neurologist is sure I must be diabetic, but recent and past bloodwork indicate I am not.

Here's the deal:  my feet feel as if they are separated from the rest of me.  It's eerie.  Drop a hammer or stub a toe and the "owie's" are more intense than ever in my life.  My legs are already affected and my hands and arms somewhat.  So ask me if I'm scared?  Naw.  It's just one more giant bumpon the road of life.  I don't think it will kill me and even if it did, I know where I'm going.

Rob and I have been doing a lot of work around the house and yard.  Yesterday we tore all the carpet, padding and nail strips from the second bedroom.  Tomorrow or Saturday we will do the same in the living room, then finally our room.  We are getting new carpet.  I'm excited about that.  What we have had is left from the two young guys who lived here before us.  They brought motorcycles inside, worked on them and generally left the light carpets with unremoveable stains.  Yuck!  We laid carpet and throw rugs over the old stuff, but you could still see the stains.  Soon however, all that will change.  Yippee!

The puppies are getting really cute.  They are 6 weeks old now.  their little tails are curling up over their backs, they have sharp little teeth and are beginning to recognize their names.  The male is named Shadow and he's twice as big as the female.  I named her after a story Chuck Ferris wrote;  she's Gingersnap (ginger for short).  It's a delight and a pain in the sit-down to have them running around the house.  As soon as I find my camera, I will post pictures.

Our lives have changed so much in the last year that it seems incomprehensible.  Some stuff is too personal for me to share in a public journal.  Our lives are also stronger because of the changes.  I ask that you all keep us in your prayers as we adjust to life living in an empty nest, etc.

I think of you all daily and pray often for you.  Many blessings,




Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gettin to Know You


Went to Donna's Journal just now and read her answers to this meme.  I just got my 'puter back online this afternoon (been playing Pogo for a while) and started through the posts.  I haven't gone far, but I hope to get caught up real soon.  Please enjoy.  And please link back to This, That & Hockey if you play along.

Getting to Know You

"I got this several times and loved reading the answers.  Instead of sending it out a bunch thought I'd just do it here.  Hope you'll play along............."

1. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE?  A book called "Penny"  that my sister was reading
2. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? This morning, thinking about my youngest daughter
3. DO YOU LIKE YOUR HANDWRITING? Not really, sketchy now
5. DO YOU HAVE KIDS? 3 natural, 1 adopted, 16 grandkids, 1 great-grand and about 350 in Mexico some of whom have now given me grandkids.
6. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU?  Yep, I haven't bitten anyone  lately
8. DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR TONSILS Last time I looked they were there
12. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG?  Emotionally, yes.
13. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM? Yes . . . well . . . mostly the kind I can pour caramel sauce over - yummm
14. WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU NOTICE ABOUT PEOPLE? Their eyes and how their lips are shaped.
17. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My daughter and my mom. .. .
18. DO YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEND THIS BACK TO YOU? It would be interesting to see how many will do it in an entry
20. WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU ATE? A piece of toast
23. FAVORITE SMELL?  Ocean early in the morning
24. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My daughter a few minutes ago.
25. FAMOUS PERSON YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET?  Abe Lincoln - oh famous now?  None that I can think of
26. FAVORITE SPORTS TO WATCH?  Football and most Olympic sports
27. HAIR COLOR? Brown with more and more silver sprinkled in daily :(
28. EYE COLOR? Brown
29. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS?  I tried them back in the early 80's, but just couldn't use them.  Bifocals for me 
30. FAVORITE FOOD? Alaskan King Crab when we can get it!
31. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDINGS? Definitely Happy Endings 
32. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Pirates of the Caribbean - on now
33. WHAT COLOR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING?  Light green tank top
34. SUMMER OR WINTER? It has to be summer
35. HUGS OR KISSES? in what order?  I love them both
36. FAVORITE DESSERT?  Pecan pie, warm, with vanilla ice cream
37. MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? Gonna check the links back at Donna's
39. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING NOW?  Just finished Piercing the Darkness  by Frank Peretti
40. WHAT IS ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? My fingerprints - it's a laptop
42. FAVORITE SOUND?  Sooo many . . . a whisper oflove from Rob, birds singing in the trees outside, a baby's coo
45. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? Poetry, writing, listening
Many blessings to you all.  Love,     

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I just made an entry :(  Lost it when I put it on spell check,  My hard drive is dying as I write.  I'm trying to find a place to put my music until the new one is in.  I just talked to Dell yesterday and the new CD drive, hard drive and power cable are here already.  Just have to wait for the technician to help me through the process.  I can't add pictures or graphics right now, because every time I try, the computer shuts down, reboots and tells me my hard drives are failing and to backup now.  Sill, I have it on now and am able to read my mail.  Fortunately, my mail and stuff will be here when the new drive has been installed and I have reinstalled AOL. 

I love you guys and as always you are in my thoughts and prayers.   Be blessed, Penny

Friday, July 4, 2008

Born in the USA! Happy Independence Day, Americ


Woo Hoo!  We are celebrating another birthday for our great country.  I am so proud to be an American!  I spent 15 years in Mexico living by their rules.  I love Mexico but I will tell you this:  I kissed the ground when I got home. 


My husband is a Vietnam Veteran.  He also worked with the Navy as an ordinance man in the first Gulf War.  He fought for our nation, for our freedoms.  My father was a veteran as were his brother and mother.  Today I celebrate not only our country's veterans, but those who fight for our freedom now.  Our armed forces now are volunteers ~ how about these wonderful men and women?  Give them a hand clap!

This is a special day for all who are Americans whether born here or naturalized.  We have more freedoms than any country in the world.  We should all thank God for that. 

Love and blessings to all my J-Land friends,  Penny


Friday, June 27, 2008

Sharing myself in a meme


So true . . . the best part of my week was being able to do volunteer work for Habit for Humanity in my area.  I was able to use my Spanish skills and they let me do the work from home.  For most of the week I have not been well and hurting as I am today.  No problem . . . I have faith that all will be better soon.

I was reading in my friend's private journal today.  She had something called a "Silly Survey"   Since I have promised myself that I will post more often,  I decided to copy and paste giving my own answers.  I'm going to take another nap after this:

Silly survey
1. What was the highlight of your day?   Playing with the puppies
2. How many meals do you usually eat a day?  Usually two

3. What's your favorite movie? If I had to choose - My Fair Lady or King & I
4. Have you ever thought George Clooney was hot? Oh yes!!

5. Have you ever doubted your sexual orientation? No.
6. How long has it been since you have seen an ex? March this year
7. Name 5 of your best friends. My husband, Donna, Krissy, Diane,                                                                                              
8. Would you ever consider moving to Zimbabwe? Depends if God called me there.                                                                       9. What would you do if someone dyed your pubic hairs bright pink permanently? >:o Who would do such a thing????
10. When was the last time you had Starbucks? Early this month
11. Are you single? :-) Very married!
12. What is your opinion on global warming.  I think something is happening, but what?
13. What about abortion?  Murdering a fetus is wrong.  

Luke 17:2 It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

14. Which would you rather star in: High School Musical or Striptease? Musical
15. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?  Jackass =-O
16. How many times do you sneeze a day?  At least two or three times
17. Are you an "adult"?  Nearly a senior!
18. Where do you live? California - SoCal
19. Have you ever thought Micheal Jackson was going to kidnap you? Why would I?
20. What color hair do you have? Brown with a few strands of gray
21. Would you rather have a hybrid vehicle or a Hummer? Silly question!                                                                                                 22. Who is prettier: Angelina Jolie or Kate Bosworth?  I think Jolie is more striking.
23. What do you think about the tabloids?  Unnecessary and useless
24. Have you ever been to Texas? Passed thru Amarillo some years ago.                                                                                      
25. Would you want to go? sure
26. Do you wear a watch? Nope
27. Have you ever had the sensation that you were falling while asleep?  Yes often
28. Would you rather work at Goodwill or McDonalds?  Goodwill as a volunteer 
29. What do you think about Britney Spears' 16 year old sis getting pregnant? Unfortunately, I am not shocked - so many teens are doing the same.  What happened to purity?
30. Do you recycle? ABSOLUTELY!!

I thank you for being faithful readers of my journal.  I will be posting regularly.  I will be commenting as well.  As for all of you, you are in my daily prayers. 


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Much ado . . .


So . . . spring has passed and we are in the throes of an early and hot summer here on the West Coast.  Just a few miles from us in Ojai, temperatures were as high as 110 degrees.  Closer in, the temperatures were in the high 80's - breaking one record here and one in Oxnard. 

I've been home for nearly 3 weeks now, yet this is my first post this month.  As all moves go, we ran into some snags.  My friends' van was not electrically ready for to tow a trailer, even though all the wiring was there.  Result:  we rented a truck.  Of course it was more money than I was prepared for and I had to rent a car to send them home.  She's handicapped and access on planes or trains is just not right for.

I left a few things up north that I will have to collect when I go for my next visit up there.  I'd go now if I could, but finances will not allow.  Besides, there are wildfires burning and my daughters and granddaughter are in danger of being evacuated.  I'd appreciate your prayers for them and their neighbors.

I got home on the 7th and Precious had her puppies on the 9th.  Both are black, but the female has splotches of brown on her paws and nose.  We have named them Shadow and Gingersnap (reach Chuck's story on Dribble).  Ginger opened her eyes yesterday and Shadow's were open this morning.  They are very tiny (mom weighs about 4 lbs).  Shadow already seems to be able to get out of the basket.  Stinker!

I have been having further neurological testing to find out the exact cause of my numbness and pain.  I am not diabetic, but my feet, ankles and hands tingle most of the time.  It hurts to walk on my feet.  I have a little scooter, but we need to make proper ramps to get it into the car.  Truth is, I know it will all work out all right.

We also have a crisis going on.  My BIL Eddie fell off a pallet at work.  He was loading gardening supplies from a high shelving unit.  He had a heart attack on the way to the hospital and has had several seizures and strokes since then.  He is now on his second bout of pneumonia and although he has been weaned off the breathing machine, he is in a coma that he is not expected to come out of.  Their son was flown home from Iraq, but now the army wants him to return.  Their daughter is with Irene, but the little granddaughter has not been able to see him.  It seems so strange, I just spent the night with them about 10 days before the accident.  We are praying for peace in their hearts and comfort.

I have offered to be a translator for Habitat for Humanity.  For the time being, I will be handling phone calls from home and sometimes in the office.  I hope to be able to go to one of the job sites to translate there.  Although we don't qualify for a home, I would love to offer my hours to others who do qualify.  As well, I am going to look into volunteering in the NICU in a local hospital.  They often need volunteers to rock and hold the babies.

Each day is a beautiful promise for me.  I love having my Internet access back, time to read or do crossword puzzles.  I have my rock tumbler ready to go and plan to make new jewelry out of old costume jewelry.  It will be a big undertaking, as my hands shake all the time.  I'll just have to work harder and plan the time to work.

As always my friends, I think about and pray for you often.  I read journals, but am often too weary to comment back.  Just know I am "lurking" in your words and enjoying your activities.

Blessings to you all,


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend


I always liked having this type of holiday celebrated on the actual day.  With the advent of the 3-day weekend, some of our National holidays have turned into nothing more than a chance to get away, to drink and drive and to party.  IMHO our country is forgetting why we have Memorial Day.  It's a day to remember those who lost their lives to keep this great country free.  Last time I went to a celebration of this sort, the only civilians were the wives of buried soldiers and the men and women who fought in WW2, Korea & Vietnam.  We are older now.  Who will carry on the tradition when we have gone?  Not my kids.  They don't seem to care. 

What will you be doing this weekend?  It's okay to travel, to drink (responsibly) and even to party if you must.  Will you take time to talk to another about why you have this weekend off?  It's a National holiday!  Those men and women serving our country here and around the world have offered up their lives to ensure our very lives.  They have no idea when their service may cause them to offer the ultimate sacrifice. 

My husband did not lose his life in Vietnam or in the Gulf War, but he served and watched men die.  He remembers. 

Please ~ this weekend ~ won't you remember those lives as well?


Tuesday, May 20, 2008



I justify this because it's still morning here.  I have to type quickly, however.  I am still in Southern California and I couldn't be happier.  It's so lovely here.  Record setting temperatures have plagued the L.A., Midstate and Eastern counties.  Even in the more desert regions in my county.  We are 3 miles away from the ocean and it's been lovely for the most part.  Next Tuesday I head north for the last time.  Temperatures there have been over 100 degrees.  I am not ready for that.  Heat is not my friend.

Andrea and Paige are both graduating.  I am going to take tons of pictures and bore you all with them.  For now I will just share a picture of Andrea cooling off in the creek behind their house.  The water is very cold.  After all, it is the snow melt that comes through there.     


I have a ton of cute pictures of her, but they are best shown in a slideshow format.  This is my baby.  She is so happy living with her sister.  It's hard for me, but since I have health problems it is the very best place for her.  I miss her terribly.  

On to the next.  I have truly enjoyed the chance to be online every day.  I get to read your journals, even if I don't comment much.  Maybe I will do that more after I am back here permanently.  I also love to play Pogo a few times a day.  I may be a little obsessed right now after being offline for so long.

Yesterday, we woke up to sounds of our greyhound Sammy crying out in pain.  He was walking around in circles and would not lay down.  Greyhounds don't often sit becaus of the shape of their back legs.  I checked him over and he cried out when I touched his head and neck.  I called all over to get him into a vet, finally reaching someone who could take him right after lunch.  It turns our that his arthritis may have reached his neck or he injured it biting flies.  Also he has two absessed teeth that must come out.  The estimate for the dental surgery and a neck x-ray if that has not resolved is around $700.  I don't know how we are going to pay for it.  We'll figure it out somehow.  OUCH!!

All who know me now that I am always praying for my J-Land friends, even the ones I haven't had a chance to meet yet.  Bless all of you,



Saturday, May 10, 2008

Something my sister sent


I grew up with practical grandparents who had been frightened by the Great Depression in the 1930's. A mother, God love her, who washed aluminum foil after she cooked in it, then reused it. She was the original recycle queen, before they had a Name for it... A father who was happier getting old shoes fixed than buying new ones.
Their marriage was good, their dreams focused. Their best friends lived barely a wave away. I can see them now, Dad in trousers, tee shirt and a hat and Mom in a house dress, lawn mower in one hand, and dish-towel in the other. It was the time for fixing things ; a curtain rod, the kitchen radio, screen door, the oven door, the hem in a dress. Things we keep.

It was a way of life, and sometimes it made me crazy. All that repairing, eating, reusing, I wanted just once to be wasteful. Waste meant affluence. Throwing things away meant you knew there'd always be more.

But then my mother died, and on that clear summer's night, in the warmth of the hospital room, I was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any more.

Sometimes, what we care about most gets all used up and goes away...never to return. So... While we have it... it's best we love it... And care for it... And fix it when it's broken..... And heal it when it's sick.

This is true... For marriage.... And old cars.... And children with bad report cards..... And dogs and cats with bad hips.... And aging parents.... And grandparents. We keep them because they are worth it, because we are worth it. Some things we keep. Like a best friend that moved away or a classmate we grew up with.

There are just some things that make life important, like people we know who are special.... And so, we keep them close!
When I think about my mom and the things she did to drive me crazy when I was young, sometimes I feel a little guilty for speaking against her or telling my friends how old-fashioned she was.  I didn't know that one day I would be old-fashioned too.  Mom was my champion.  She stood up for me long past the time when a "normal" person should have stood down.  In the worst of my rebellion, when everyone I knew walked away from me, Mom was my rock.  Mom stood on the rock of salvation for me.  She pleaded with the Lord for me.  She was so happy when I returned to my first Love:  Jesus Christ.  I know that as she rests in the loving arms of my Father, she has joy now.  She knows we have all returned.  Her prayers continued like sweet perfume unto the Father's ears . . . even now awaiting the return of her grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. My mom had as many faults as most of us do however, she always looked to the Lord for solace, forgiveness, peace of mind and joy.  This is why I am sharing with you what my sister sent to me.  We only have one shot at life.  We really do need to hang on to our relationships, get things finished, keep our lives in working order. 
Celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow with great joy and thanksgiving if you will.  Remember the moms who have passed on and their children who are ever changed by the loss.  Hang on to your kids as our mom did to hers.  She was a wonderful mom and I miss her.
Heather and Krissy, I am so proud to have you as my daughter and daughter-in-law. You are both good moms and good wives. Happy Mother's Day, girls.
I love you,

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hi friends . . . this is my first attempt at a slide show . . .  let me know how you think it came out, ok?

I am back visiting in Ventura.  I drove my car, the dog, the birds and a bit of my "stuff" down here starting mid-day Tuesday.  I spent Tuesday night with Rob's sister and brother-in-law, getting up early to make my way to Ventura.  It was a long, hard trip, but I am here safely, stitches out, bruises turning a ghastly shade of green and ribs still giving me fits. 

However, the most important thing is that I am here and smiling.  I have another "new look" as you will see in the slide show and on my About Me section. 

I am preparing myself for Mother's Day.  Since my mom passed nearly 11 years ago, Mother's Day has been kind of a bummer for me.   I'm not sure if Mother's Day or Father's Day are happy days for a lot of us whose parents are gone.  I never get cards from my kids . . . their lives are over-busy with the lives they have as adults with children.  I pray that my daughter Heather and DIL, Krissy will have good Mother's Days on Sunday.  This will be the first year that not only do I not have my mom, but no children living under the roof.  I struggle with that.  So for those of you who have lost a parent this year or still grieve moms and dads long buried, please know that you are not alone.  There are those like me who feel sad or humbug about parents' days.  It's not the same anymore.  I know where my mom is.  I'm glad that she has been given a new life in eternity and that one day I will see her again.  There's such hope in that for me.

One of my sisters has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will have a mastectomy next week.  Times have changed so drastically since our Auntie Merrie had breast cancer and later died from it when it came back.  Now there has been such a bunch of research done.  There is a way to begin implant therapy at the time of the mastectomy now.  Chemotherapy and other treatments are so advanced.  Two of us other sisters are having our mammograms in the next week.  The other I believe is up-to-date on hers.  I hope all of you are caught up on your mammograms and that you go daily to the Breast Cancer Site and click.  While you are there,  click on the other sites as well.  You could be the click that finishes paying for that mammogram, feeds those children, gives out books, saves an animal, etc.  What's a few minutes of your time worth? 

More than you will ever know.  

I am still weary from my long drive and think it's time for me to rest.  I can be online the whole time I am here and will finally have time to get to some of your journals.  As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stumble Bumble

Hi all,

        Just after noon on Saturday.  I'm hoping to drive to Ventura on Tuesday.  Just one little problem:

  I hate this picture!  However, this is what I look like today after my big fall on Wednesday afternoon.  I didn't break any bones that we know of, but both knees are badly bruised, my shoulder is bruised as are my ribs.  I hated it here in the mountains before this.  Now I dislike it even more, LOL.

My girls,  grand-daughter Paige and daughter Andrea, are graduating from high school and middle school in early June.  I will be back here to be the proud mom/grandma.  I have never seen any of my grandchildren graduate.  I will be more than thrilled to do so now. 

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I travel on Tuesday for a visit to my home.  Blessings to you all,

Friday, April 25, 2008

From the Mountain Top

Hello all,

I just lost the text of my whole entry because I forgot to minimize before going to Photobucket.  So this will be shorter than the original.  That should make some of you happy.

I took my AT&T wi-fi card back to them because I couldn't stay on long even enough to answer an e-mail.  So for the next while I will be posting and answering e-mails from my daughter's house once or twice a week.

I have not adjusted well to the mountains.  It's too cold even now for me.  The summer will yield us temperatures of up to and over 110 degrees.  I can't handle that either.  I'm guessing that I will be back home in Ventura by the end of June.

Below I am posting a couple of pictures of a town called Ingot, population 30.  It's at about 1200' altitude.  I really don't believe the population is that large ;)

               Close-up of the building above.   Below is a close-up of the red rock. This same creek runs behind my daughter's house.  It's deeper up by her and much wider.

I have missed you all so terribly I was used to daily online and after 2 months here, I feel deprived.  I think of you often.  Many blessings and love,



Monday, March 24, 2008

Update . . .

Hi all . . . . just a quick update to let you know I am alive.  I still don't have my phone and DSL set up, so I am at my daughter's house checking mail and stuff.

I won't be long . . . it's colder today and near dark.  I'm not that sure of the roads yet.  I am moving to a bigger room this week.  The other one was like a dungeon and waay to close to my housemates. 

The dogs are settling in as are the birds.  I still feel like a fish out of water, but hopefully that will change soon.  I wonder if I am as adaptable as I was when I went to Mexico.  I'm quite a few years older now.

Fortunately, I am close to my family here.  Keep me in your prayers as I continue to pray for all of you,