Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lazy Sunday


                                Uhhm . . . aih wuz jes' fweepun'

That's what I was thinking every time I woke up today.  Rob has a cold and I couldn't move when I woke up.  I took my morning medications, hoping that a little nap more would help me stretch out and be able to get up.   It didn't help.  Feelin' sorry for me yet?  Me either.

I just haven't gotten up at all today.  Andrea made me lunch after she came home from church.  I mostly slept, got on the puter - which is so sick and slow now - sorta like me.  Well I am blessed to be able to fix that problem:

                     mine is a laptop and will be shipped in a few days!

I plan to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face, the sun in my eyes. ready to give praises to the Lord, and with less pain in my body. 

There are so many people in J-Land that are in major pain, cancer, other perilous diseases, and family problems that we all need to bless them in one way or other especially to lift them up in prayer.  I'm going to journal-hop this week to find just one journaler that needs attention.  LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU,


 ps:  let me know if you find another journaler to bless.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Your Basic Phil the Thrill . . . NOT!!

I went to visit my friend Phil and found this meme there.  I believe it was an e-mail thing that he posted.  I don't remember if I answered this one or not.  My computer and I are having serious problems, so this is easier for today. 

Welcome to the 2007 edition of getting to know your friends.

What you are supposed to do is copy (not forward) this entire entry and paste it onto a new entry that you'll post. Change all the answers so they apply to you, then post this in a new entry so you can be ridiculed by everyone you know. LOL The theory is that you will learn a lot of little things about your friends, if you did not know them already.
1. What time did you get up this morning?  8:45 am
2. Diamonds or Pearls?  Diamonds, if I have to choose
3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
4. What is your favorite TV show?  CSI, eXtreme Home Makeover, Nature shows
5. What did you have for breakfast? Cereal
6. What is your middle name? none
7. What is your favorite cuisine? Chinese, Mexican
8. What foods do you dislike?  Beef tongue, brains, Habanero chiles, etc.
9. Your favorite Potato chips? Sun Chips
10. What cd have you been listening to lately? James Galway - The Man with the Golden Flute
11. What kind of car do you drive?  1998 Explorer
12. Favorite sandwich?  Braunschweiger
13. What characteristics do you despise? Unfaithfulness, deceitfulness, lying
14. What are your favorite clothes? comfy casuals
15. If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go? A family cruise to Alaska's Inside Passage
16. Favorite brand of clothing? Whatever brand fits
17. Where would you want to retire? I am retired :)
18. Favorite time of day? Dusk
19. Where were you born?  Altadena, CA
20. What is your favorite sport to watch? Olympics
21. Who do you think will not send this back? who knows?  It might be in a journal or two
22. Person you expect to send it back first? SEE # 21
23. Pepsi or Coke?  Do people really drink Pepsi?
24. Beavers or Ducks? Ducks
25. Are you a morning person or night owl? night person, if I can stay awake
26. Pedicure or Manicure? Expensive, but I do both every couple of months
27. Any new and exciting news you'd like to share? Yes!  Doggies are trained now!
28. What did you want to be when you were little? Pretty
29. What is your best childhood memory? Getting "lost" with Mom
30. Have you ever been toilet papering? Nope
31. Been in a car accident? yup
32. Favorite restaurant? Joe's Crab Shack
33. Favorite flower?  Tulips, Daisies
34. Favorite ice cream? Hagen Daaz - Dulce de Leche
35. Favorite fast food restaurant? BurgerKing - Best fries
36. How many times did you fail your drivers test? None yet.
37. From whom did you get your last e-mail? Christian tag group
38. Which store would you choose to max out your credit card? Catherine's Clothing
39. Who are you most curious about their responses to this? It would be cool to see other answers than mine and Phil's
40. Last person you went to dinner with?  Rob & Andrea
41. How many tattoos do you have? I leave that to others
42. How many people are you sending this to? Those who read my journal
43. What time did you finish this e-mail?  What e-mail?
44. Favorite magazine?  National Geographic
45. If you could meet any famous person, who would it be? Jesus, my Lord and Savior
46. If you could change your profession right now, what would you be doing? Volunteering where I am most needed 
I wonder why I can't change my font now - no matter what?  Hmmm - Phil . . . ?  Did you do this?  Oh well, I've enjoyed it anyway.
  Love and Blessings to you all, Penny

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ordinary Things


Of course, having been dusted by a faerie isn't all that ordinary. However sometimes, just sometimes, I would like that faerie dust to be a reality.  Do you ever feel that way?

My days are only ordinary for me.  Often I sleep in, or can't move upon awakening.  Saturday  . . . or was it Friday?  Yes Friday, Rob and I (mostly Rob) cleared the sheets off the bed for changing.  The only items left on the bed were the pillows, the comforter and my red blanket.

Ordinary for me on Friday was to watch the puppies play, send most of my graphics,  pictures, etc., to my external hard drive then delete them from my C:// drive. 

I hadn't slept well and was in great pain, so I took a pain pill and lay down for a nap.  Rob came in with Rosie, one of our cockatiels - favorite and most loving.  He put her down on the bed with me.  There was light classical music on the cable music +.  It was so soothing that both Rosie and I fell asleep.  Rob came in to take her back, but she would have none of it!  She just stared into the television until she went back to sleep.  I think we had about a 3 hour nap.  That's sweet and ordinary around here.  I feel so content right now writing about our nap . . . ::big sigh::

Ordinary is also doing as many sit-down tasks as possible.  It's amazing just how many tasks there are.  More amazing than ordinary are how many tasks I can complete. 

Ordinary has changed for me in the last few years.  I'm not that old, but I have trouble walking more than a short distance or standing for more than a few minutes.  Mental illness has come into my life and it must be ordinary right now as well.  Here's the deal:  my life is great as it is.  The things I think I miss are things I wouldn't have done anyway.  I have joy in my heart and life with the exception of down days and who doesn't have those?

By the Lord's grace, I am just the way He wants me for now.  It's not a lesson in patience because He doesn't test us.  I just need to live in obedience to the Lord and to His written word.  Wow!  How cool is that?  How difficult is it for me to obey?  That's a whole other entry.

Ordinary for us is to hear birdsong throughout the day - cockatiels and little sparrows and other singing and chirping birds outside.  The chirping birds are off from here by the heat of the day, but still the cockatiels sing, whistle and call out.  Skipper gave me a wolf whistle when I reached in to give him fresh food.  I got a kick out of that.  As late afternoon comes about, we can hear the little birds outside again . . .stealing Sammy's food, drinking his water, ready to fill up for a good sleep in our trees.

Ordinary now are two Pomeranian puppies running around the house, tearing up paper, being stinkers.  The tiny little black one is Precious.  She's already a cave doggie.  Hides out from us.  Almost impossible to find with those jet-black eyes and black fur.  The brown baby is a cute little PIA. He wants to be in on it all.  If I start to give Precious attention, he pushes her out of the way (she gets back at him - she's short enough to run under his chin to steal his cookies).  He's chocolate in color with a beautiful gold ruff.  He's going to be a true beauty.

It's ordinary that this is a house of love.  It seems to rain down on us here so that we are drenched not only in God's love but filled up with love for each other and Him.  Many blessings and prayers to you all,


Sunday, April 8, 2007


He is Risen!! 
Our Lord is Risen!
 He took all our transgressions upon Himself    and rose again the third day in fulfillment  of scripture. 
What a Savior! 

Friday, April 6, 2007

GOOD Friday?


It's really hard to see the good  in Good Friday.
After all, Jesus was stripped, beaten, cursed,
had a crown of thorns pushed into his head. That's
really ugly.  I said that I was going to write
nothing but good news for the next few days. 
What's up with that?
Here's the some information about Good Friday.
In the first century set aside every Friday for
fasting and prayer.  In the fourth century, the
Greek church decided to call the Friday before
Easter Sunday Holy Friday or Good Friday.
Good news?  Nah, just history.
NOW ~ here is the good news.  Every drop of
blood shed by our Savior was a gift to and me!
By His blood we are saved.  He died on that
cross so all nations, races, creeds could have
the opportunity to have eternal life.  Look at
His names above on the crown of thorns.  No
bad news there . . . Nothing but joyous and
wonderful names.  Rejoice with me this day for
the gift of everlasting life.

   War child who 'disappeared' finds her way home!

The house was decorated with ribbons and
balloons as Suzanne Berghaus walked toward
it.  The 26-year-old social worker from
Wilmington, Mass., would later recall how
beautiful the place looked with its
colorful bunting and hand-lettered signs
welcoming her home. "Te Queremos Mucho"
the sign read.  We love you very much.
Valentin Argueta greeted her at the front
gate.  It was the first time he'd laid eyes
on his youngest child in 24 years, since her
kidnapping by the government soldiers
during El Salvador's long and bloody civil

   More good news from the home front . . . .

Doggies didn't poop in the all night!  Woo Hoo!
We worked hard (mostly Rob ) and the house
is better than ever!
I talked to my friend who has cancer and she
is sounding better today!
The birds inside and out are singing lovely songs!
We have paid all of our bills!
We are loved and we love!
                      I LOVE GOOD NEWS!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007



Well, I think this is not only Good News but Great News.

I was listening to the news this morning and heard about murders, rapes, kidnapping,  Is there no good news?  I searched and found these articles.  Please enjoy with me:


        Pennsylvania Amish Children Arrive at New School House

Amish children carrying lunch pails arrived at a new one-room schoolhouse Monday morning, marking a fresh beginning for students who survived a shooting that killed five classmates last fall.

The New Hope Amish School sits a few hundred yards from the spot where the killings took place. Built by the entire community, the school is protected by more sophisticated locks on its doors and is reachable only by a private drive.

                 Soldiers Strive to make Iraqi Village Safe

On March 25, three improvised explosive devices went off here. Soldiers from Company E, 2nd “Lancer” Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment entered the village in an attempt to find the assailants.

“We know if we can continue getting information from anyone who can help us clean out insurgents here and find weapons caches, we’re making this a safer place down the line for the [citizens of the community],” said Staff Sgt. William Stone, a squad leader from the regiment. “All the people here say the same thing, they want our help, they want safety and they want the insurgents to go away.”

                            Stress Relief . . . God's Way

"In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." (Philippians 4:6 ASV)

Anxiety, worry, stress... In today's world we know these terms well. Doctors are constantly warning us about the health effects of stress. Cause for worry? For some it is. Turning on the news for only five minutes is enough to make us anxious about what tomorrow may hold. Climate change, nuclear arms, terrorism and war are the headlines of the day.

 Holly is a freelance writer who currently writes for various blogs, websites and other online forums. She currently lives in the Denton, Texas area with her husband and their menagerie of seven very active pets who she treats as her children. She serves as secretary of WildRescue, and specializes in helping people with domestic rabbit issues. Holly attends church at Denton Bible Church, and is also active with her former congregation at NorthWest Bible in Dallas. She enjoys traveling the world and spreading God's Good News, and takes part in yearly missions trips to Yekaterinburg, Russia. You can view a sampling of her writing at Associated Content.

Many thanks to Good News Now  for today's good news - go see . . . no bad news

For the next few days, I am going to let good news, humor, etc., dominate my journal.  I just want to hear or read the good stuff?  How about you?  Are you fed up with the ugliness of radio, television, magazines and newspaper news?  Let them know.  I know I will.

Many blessings to you all,


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Easter Vacation & stuff

First of all . . . CarnivAOL #36 and I sent in an entry as did a lot of other fine folks.


Last Saturday, we went to the Air Show at Pt Mugu Naval Base.  This year, it was the Air Force Thunderbirds who flew, with the unveiling of F-22 Raptor which will be in use in 2008.  It was a  "you had to be there" kind of thing.  The Raptor was absolutely AWESOME!  I got some really good pictures .  I'm uploading them to Photobucket to make a slide show.  I'll try to get the link into my next entry.

Andrea is on Catalina Island for 5 glorious days!  The kids from church left at 5 am yesterday.  They will be doing a short discipleship training and joining other youth from the island in two days of community outreach.  I think it will be wonderful for all involved.  Puhleez tell her we were bored to death while she was gone!  The truth is we already miss her . . .

I went to the neurologist today about my back.  They can't do an MRI of my whole back, just one piece at a time, LOL.  It's like going back to the dark ages (1970's) of medical treatment.  Back then I was on MediCal - sort of like Medicaid of today. I had "girl" stuff wrong with me . . . they couldn't do it all at once, just cut away one piece at a time.  Sad back then, sad now. So if this MRI doesn't tell, maybe they will look at another part of me.  It's not just my problem, though.  People are having medicare/medicaid/insurance problems.  I'm just one of the throng.  Guess we'll all have to have faith that health care will be better for everyone.  Yup.  That sounds good.

So this next few days will be wonderful for Rob and me.  Even with just one child, we don't get much time to ourselves.  We don't have to do anything while Andrea is gone.  We can get up when we want, go out when we want,  run away if we want and sleep when we want.  ISN'T THAT COOL??