Sunday, June 17, 2007



                To all dads: 


You know what?  You men are great!  I hope and pray that you have/had a good relationship with your children, grandchildren and your fathers. 

For me . . .  well,  my father left before I was born.  The few times I wanted him to be there, he wasn't.  I never felt abandoned, though I guess we were.  I had Dearie.

My grandfather on my mom's side was the closest thing I had to a father.  He filled in where and as often as he could.  He was an engineer and an inventor.  He designed the bread machine for baking that is still in use today.  I used to look up to a picture of that machine with rows of bread in various stages of the baking process.  Rows and rows of bread wrapped around the machine - it was like conveyor belt that went around into the ovens.  I loved that picture!  My grandfather made it and I loved him so much.  I would talk about him and his machine at school when we talked about fathers.  We called him Dearie.  That's what he and his wife always called themselves.  We called my grandmother Boosie.  That's another story.  This is Father's Day.  I would like to honor him today.  His real name was William Kurtz Booth.  Dearie, I loved you then and I love you still.  We will meet again, I have no doubt.

   This is a picture of my husband Robert and daughter Andrea.   



Rob is an amazing father!  He always told the Lord that he wanted a wife . . . and maybe a little family.   He had lost his only daughter to cancer, probably from his exposure to Agent Orange in VietNam.  He never remarried for 30 years.  When we married, we had 13 children.  I was a missionary in Mexico running a home for children.  He was an instant daddy.  He loved those kids like nothing imaginable.  We had a baby come to us at a time when we already 17 kids.  She was cute as a button, but cried - no screamed - 24/7.  I was sick when she came in so Rob or one of the older girls had to take care of her.  They brought her into the room sometimes for me to hold and soothe.   She cried.  We tried, but decided we would have to send her home or to the state child services.  Poor tired Rob!  He said, "No more babies for a while".  Then this tiny preemie came . . . he said no.  I had such deep Holy Spirit touch that I had to take her.  Rob said I would have to do all the care for her . . . she was 3 months old, but she only weighed about 3.5 to 4 lbs.  I did all the care.  Then one evening after we went to bed, Esperanza (hope) cried for a bottle and change.  I changed her and laid her on the bed, asking Rob to keep an eye on her while I made the bottle.  He told me to hurry.  By the time I got back, Rob had her in the air talking to her.  I said "What happened here?"  his answer "She smiled at me".  The man is a natural dad!  Andrea loves him so much.           Happy Father's Day, Rob.                                         

This is my son John.  He's a stay-at-home-dad.  He has many accomplishments in this life, but the most important is that he's home with his daughter Athena.  He's a great dad.  He and Athena do some pretty silly things together.  As well, he's there to see that she learns.  She's grown up right before my eyes right here on the Internet.  You know, I had not heard the term ~ stay-at-home dad.  I couldn't be prouder of him .   Happy Father's Day, John.

My son Robert lives in North Carolina with his blended family.  I won't go into the who's who, but there 5 great kids in his home.  Well, I will tell a little . . . he has 2 step kids and 1 son from a previous relationship.  He has 1 stepson and 1 daughter now with Michelle.  He's a great dad.  Happy Father's Day, Robert

My new son-in-law Jason has come into a family of 3 girls and 2 boys.  I know he is up to the challenge.  Two of the girls no longer live at home, so he's got a little less stress.  He knew them all for a number of years before he and Heather married.  But once you marry . . . well, it's just different.  He's a loving man and likes to be with the boys.  Happy Father's Day, Jason.

What I want to say is this:  if you have a dad in your life, let him know how much you love him!   If you don't know your father or he left the family or he passed away, you still have a Father who loves you unconditionally.  He will listen to your every gripe, to your anger or sadness.  His ears are open for your cry for help or forgiveness.  He created you.  When you are weak, He is strong.  His arms are open to receive you.  He doesn't care who you are or what you've ever done.  He is now my only Father.  He was always there, but after Dearie died I needed Him more than ever.  When my late husband died, my Father stepped in to comfort me and give me strength.  Sometimes Iwould feel like I was resting in His arms and it was peaceful.

If you don't know my Father, I invite you now to know him.  I'm here.  Others who know Him are near to you.  Talk to them.  Don't spend another Father's Day alone. 




Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just Blathering



Again I have made no post this month!  I think part of it is laziness and the rest pain.  All I type has been two finger chicken plucking!  Today I have two fingers on each hand.  Praise the Lord!

Our plan today is to drop 25 bags of clothing at different charity organizations.  While we were yet in Mexico, Hank collected clothing, shoes and other items we could use.  When Jon and Arlene came to take over the ministry (you remember it was time for us to retire), Hank continued to collect items for them.  For about the last year or year and a half, the border officials have not allowed any used items to pass.  Hank had a hard time saying no to donations and we want to give them to the places that will see that there is help for our homeless.

Then I have an appointment with physical therapy.  This will be a long and busy day for me . . . and I can't help with the unloading  :(    I also am having a pretty good day.  I am up, fasting until 4:00 and am looking outside at one of the most beautiful days we've had in quite a while.  Everything is clear, the sun is bright, birds are singing and there is a very slight breeze.


Had to leave before I could finish this.  Catholic Charities took all 25 bags.  We went to the store to buy "3" things . . . had to race back to put the cold and frozen stuff away.  Then we jumped on to the freeway, got off to get gas, back on the freeway to get off nearer to the physical therapy.  Rob waited in the car while the therapist tortured me (she really did!).  We went thru the carwash and came home.

Andrea came home today with her first ever year book!  Of course her school picture was in there, but she was in several of the on-campus pictures as well.  I am very happy for her to have that book of memories.

Well folks, that's my "blather" for today.  You are all in my heart and in my prayers. 


                       Thanks to Missie of Missie's Magical Creations for this tag