Monday, July 24, 2006

for the birds . . .

We have rapidly become a bird sanctuary here in our little house.  After Dufus and her mate were killed, I was really sad and depressed.  I wanted nothing more than to find another like her.  As it turned out, we purchased Button the Patagonian and though he is a wonderful and sweet bird, he wasn't what I thought he would be.  Then came Rembrandt, the talkative and funny Black-capped Lory.  I absolutely adore him and he is incredibly beautiful.  He even likes to ride in the car. 

Then I fell in love with an African ring-necked parakeet who was still being hand fed.  We bought him and his cage mate Squirt who is a Green-cheeked Conure.  The ring-neck is a lovely shade of blue and they had been calling him Sunny Sky - but as we talked to him, we kept referring to him as Blue, so the new name has stuck.  Then a friend of mine who is battling bone cancer gave us a breeding pair of cockatiels, Skipper and Summer.

Finally, last week, I bought a little Sunday conure (the kind of baby Dufus and her mate would have had)  I wasn't going to buy him.  We had enough birds.  I just went up to see him.  I started to cry when he nuzzled up to me and started to nibble on my lip.  I was had.  Punkin came home that day.  That was it.  With the 3 doves outside and 7 assorted birds inside, we were full up.

WRONG!  I saw an add in the paper and called.  The lady's partner had died and she needed to liquidate some of her stock as she no longer felt able to care for all her birds.  We took 2 rescue birds - Pedro - a Blue and Gold Macaw who began to pluck his feathers about 2 years ago.  He doesn't know how he looks, and we aren't telling him.  We also took Beak, a green-cheeked Conure whose upper mandible had been bitten off by a Rosella.  Both came with their cages.  Then we purchased two more ring-necks - an Indian Lutino and an African.  The prices were extremely low and I couldn't resist. 

So now we have 3 girls, 14 birds and a dog.  Can you say overcrowding?  We need a bigger house, but that probably won't happen very soon.  We're pretty comfortable in this house.

I've been kind of overwhelmed lately and have had to turn off my alerts.  I still want to read your journals and comment, but with severe back pain and other stresses, I haven't been able to.  If you've written something you think I would enjoy a lot, drop me an email and I will be sure to read and comment.

May the Lord richly bless you all,


Monday, July 17, 2006

Blessings in the Good Times and Bad


Yes, God truly is good!  I've been overwhelmed lately as you might have guessed from my last entry.  My emotions have been up and down and I've been in pain.  I've tried so hard to get to your journals, but just have not been able to do so.  If you haven't heard from me, rest assured that I am still here and will visit soon.

In the midst of all of this, I have seen the hand of God moving in our lives and in the lives of so many people we love.  The more we pray, the more we see the miracles of the Lord.  He is so faithful to bless us in everything we do. 

Though I've been in pain, I am swimming a minimum of 3 times a week now.  Friday I swam 600 meters.  I can swim more and often do, but I can tell my limit and stop when I have reached it.  I feel like the slowest one in the pool.  At least I'm not the biggest one.  There is something so peaceful about swimming. 

In church this morning, I had the opportunity to hold one of the new babies born to our members.  He's about 2 months old.  I have to tell you, I never feel more at peace than when I hold a baby in my arms.  Rob calls it my "baby fix".  I held Joshua throughout the service.  He is such a peaceful baby.  He slept about 90% of the time.  The rest of the time, he had eyes open wide and he just stared intently at me.  What a wonderful feeling!  I heard every word the pastor spoke.  My mind was at peace and able to listen.  

We have a busy week ahead.  Lupe leaves for camp in the morning.   I have to take the girls to county health to see that their vaccinations are up to date and for a skin check.  Then we need to buy paint for the living room, kitchen and computer room.  A group of teens from the church needs to earn money to go to a convention of teens in leadership and we've decided to hire them to do what we have been putting off. 

Rob rearranged our living room today,  What he did made it look like there is more space.  I can hardly wait for the painting to be finished. Rob has worked so hard to make our little house a home.  His work is paying off big time.

I pray for you all everyday and appreciate your prayers and comments.  Be blessed in the Lord today.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Ups and Downs


Hi there, my J-Land friends.  This is about how my week has been.  A smooth ride for a while and then a roller coaster.  Up and down, back and forth, the ride of my life has been unpredictable.

We had a wonderful day the 4th of July.  We barbecued out front for whoever showed up.  We had 5 little girls who nearly drove us crazy, but who also reminded us of what joy there is in life.

Emotions have been running high for us this week as well.  Kayla had more than one disappointment.  We feel protective of her, so when someone disappoints, we get upset.  rob got upset one way and I another.  We spat our emotions at each other, forgetting that our goal was the same.  We were uncomfortable for a couple of days.

We have filled our home with birds.  We now have Button the Patagonian, Rembrandt the Black-capped Lory, Sunny Sky the African Ring-necked parakeet, Squirt the Green-cheeked Conure, and a breeding pair of cockatiels.  I can't remember their names, but will get them today.  Outside, we have 3 doves and a pigeon.  We're going to need a bigger house and yard very soon!

I worked 4 days last week.  Usually it's only 3, but someone was on vacation.  I really noticed the difference.  I missed the extra day at home and by Saturday, the day seemed to drag by.  I could hardly wait for 6 pm.  Today I am taking 5 little girls to the swimming pool.  Fortunately, I don't have to do anything but swim some laps and then supervise my kids.  I slept late and am going to bed early.  I deserve it.  It's my day off.

I pray that each and every one of you have a good day.  Many blessings in Christ, Penny


Tuesday, July 4, 2006