Thursday, August 31, 2006

Home Again


First off, I want to thank you for the prayers, comments and e-cards while I was in the hospital.  It surely means a lot to me.

For those of you who don't know what happened to me.  I worked on Saturday but was out of breath all day.  When I got in the car to drive home, I started feeling really bad.  My chest hurt all around and there was pain up my neck.  I was trying to make it home, but could not, so I drove to the hospital.  Rob met me there.  They hooked me up to all kind of stuff and admitted me.

None of my family knew. John was winning the Campbell award and it was 2:00 am before they got me a bed so calling was out.  Next day, I opened up AIM on my cell phone and got Andi (artloner)

                I didn't know how to type on my cell so just typed a few words and Andi got my short-hand.  She said she would try some way to get hold of John.  I got hold of Heather and my work.

Anyway . . .it's not my heart.  I have asthma, a stiffened heart from high blood pressure and I must lose weight.  I got home yesterday afternoon.  I'm still very weak, but will be online from time to time and will read your journals as I can.

One more time:  Thanks, J-Land for your love and prayers.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Please Read Krissy's Journal


                        Sometimes I Think

Monday, August 21, 2006

My Past Year in J-Land


I know I showed off this lovely cake before, but today we get to eat it! Yummy!  I spent a couple of hours last night in the Anniversary Chat.  I met some new people, laughed hysterically at some of the comments, got to walk down the red carpet.  Of course I didn't win Best Dressed because I forgot to put the picture of my outfit in my journal. For your edification, I wore a slinky red dress which showed off my curvaceous body, shoes to match, a red Gucci bag, and stunning diamond and ruby necklace, rings, earrings and bracelet.  These were on trial from the jeweler and wouldn't you know they took them back just before the photo op.  I know I could have won.

The chat was lively, sometimes outrageous and I found myself laughing hysterically at some of the comments.  I met Stevie of video fame after he finished hosting the UK chat.  I also had a chance to meet new friends and chat with some cherished friends as well.  It was wonderful.

Krissy has  asked us to do an anniversary adventure by sharing our last year in J-Land.  As you know, her husband John is back in the hospital again, but both of them truly want us to carry on.


My last year in J-Land has been tumltuous, wonderful and hectic.  The day we found out about the ads, I spilled coffee on my laptop.  I ruined it, and it would be several months before we could replace it.  I did my first meme in November, asking people to share their gratitude every day for the whole month.  It was great. Did the same meme for Christmas memories.

In January, two little girls came to stay with us while mom was in the hospital seriously ill.  The girls are now a permanent part of our family because mama passed away in February.  We thought we were through taking in kids, but God had other ideas. 12 and 13 is a difficult time for girls and I didn't do too well when my daughter was that age, so I guess the Lord wants us to work on it.  Our 13 year-old has Downs Syndrome and she is a joy - much easier than the two 12 year olds.

I spent so much time reading journals at times that my wonderful hubby was beginning to think I had abandoned him.

I've had a rough time the last few months and J-Land has stuck by my side.  Many have IM'd me with encouragement and prayers.  Others have sent e-mails and e-cards.  So cool to see them in my inbox. And now I have received 4 postcards: from PA, Missouri and Florida.  Thanks guys, they really lifted my spirits. 

J-Land has become such a close-knit community and I am proud to be a part of it for 2 years now.  If I could meet you all in person, that would be my greatest wish.  I'd like to be with Krissy right now, holding her hand, encouraging her and John through this rough time.  I'd like to visit Mosie's farm and play with the filly and see Robin's new home before Michael gets transferred again.  And Pamela is just a coule of hours away.  I'd love to go to Ohio to see my son and drop by Lisa Jo's house to hug and encourage her . . . . well you guys know what I mean . . . not enough room to mention them all here.  Suffice it to say I have met and made some wonderful friends here. 

My past year has been filled with ups and downs.. . .the death of my birds, now replaced with 16 more of various breeds and needs; cutting my hours at work; starting to swim after nearly 25 years, and learning just how precious my family is to me.  I know AOL-J hasn't done these things, but I am able to share my thoughts and feelings here without fear of repercussion.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Morning


Good Sunday morning, my friends.  The girls got home at around 10 pm last night.  They haven't yet given full details about their camping experience, but ran quickly to shower, as they did not shower the whole time.  This was a time for learning more about the importance of God in their lives and to trust Him in all things.  The kids at camp learned to trust each other as well.  They did both ask to go back again next year.

We've just had morning prayer and the girls told us that the shared experiences will be talked about in front of the church and then they can share more with us.  During our prayer time, we sing, then each of us prays and we jointly pray the Lord's prayer and the 23rd Psalm.  We lift up our friends in need as well.  Many of you are on that list.  I love you all so much..

My blessing today is that this is the first of my 4 days off.  The girls start school on Tuesday, so Rob and I will have some "alone time" which we desperately need.  He's such a wonderful husband and blesses my life in so many ways that I can't count them.  You know that Elizabeth Barrett Browning poem?

     "How do I love the?  -  Let me count the ways,  I love thee to the width and breadth and depth my soul can reach . . . ."

A partial quote and done from childhood memory so if there's a mistake, forgive me, please.  This is how I love my man.  He is my soul-mate.  He has put up with so much from me.  When I am ill, he steps in and cares for me and the kids and the house as well.  I'm praying that soon I will be able to step up for him.

Today we gather with the saints and worship and praise Jesus.  we learn more about God's word.  I look forward to the fellowship as well. I'm praying that you all have a blessed day.

And remember . . . .


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Anniversary Time


It's almost here!  AOL Journals is having a birthday. 3 years and going strong.


I can't wait to get a piece of this cake.  It looks totally scrumptious, don't you think?

This is my 2nd J-Land anniversary.  It's been a wonderful 2 years for me.  I hope to stick around for many more years.

Around home, things are changing a lot.  We no longer have 14 birds, we have 16!  We rescued two more cockatiels - as yet unnamed.  Pictures later.

Andrea and Kayla just now returned from Camp Niko - a YWAM sponsored Christian "boot camp"  They are exhausted and need showers.  They didn't bathe for 5 days .. . eeewww!  Surprisingly, they want to return next year.

I am slowly coming out of my blue funk. I'm reading your journals,but still haven't made too many comments.  Please have patience with me.

Please keep John and Krissy in your prayers.  John is in the hospital again and has been struggling.  For updates, please go to Sometimes I Think.

Be blessed my friends.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

From Andi - A Meme! You're Tagged

I haven't read journals for a while . . . decided to peek in today and found this Meme over at Andi's place.  I also haven't tackled a meme in forever . . .
1. YOU HAVE 10 BUCKS AND NEED TO BUY SNACKS AT A GAS STATION. WHAT DO YOU GET?  2 Diet Cokes, an ice cream bar - some beef jerkey


3. WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE REDHEAD?  My grandmother and Lucille Ball

5. LAST BOOK YOU READ?  Though None Go With Me . . . by Jerry Jenkins

7. DESCRIBE YOUR FAVORITE PAIR OF UNDERWEAR?  UGH - that wonderful bra that the kids lost doing laundry

8. DESCRIBE THE LAST TIME YOU WERE INJURED. Fell in my neighbor's driveway - made myself look like a fool - broke a rib, injured knee and hip :(

10. ROCK CONCERT OR SYMPHONY?  Symphony hands down!

12. Soda?  Diet coke, diet Coke and DIET COKE

14. WHAT TYPE OF SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING?  T-shirt that I slept in


17. WHAT IS YOUR DEADLY SIN?   It's got to be gluttony, but they said sloth - if you want to check yours, go here:  

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday,

Thursday, August 3, 2006


I finally got nerve enough to ask for postcards and yesterday I got two!  Both are from Krissy. Thank you, love.  They are wonderful.  I especially like the Pennsylvania rest stop.

We have been struggling here.  First I found out I'm in medi-gap.  That means that we will now have to pay full price for my very expensive medications.  Then my car broke down.  We had it towed to the best Ford mechanic in town.  He called and said it had to go to the dealer.  The cost will be about $2000.  I guess it's time to start my diet. 

Today I go back to work after my 4 days off.  I would rather stay home and work (little by little) on the painting.  I'm making a mess in the kitchen.  I'll have to be more careful.  As soon as we are finished, I will take some pics and post them.

All of the things that are happening to me and to us are just opportunities for us to remember that we live under grace.  The Lord knows our struggles and He will provide.  I know this from experience.  It's by His grace that we have come this far.

I pray you will all have a blessed day.