Sunday, October 7, 2007

Breast Cancer, Respect Life & Where have I been?

  Thought I would start here for today.   My Auntie Merrie died of breast cancer 33 years ago next month.  There were not the advances then . . . I think radiation was the only course of treatment then.  She had a radical bi-lateral mastectomy 6 years before her cancer returned on its path of destruction. After the 2nd diagnosis, she lived only 3 months. 

This is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We can help the research.  Information is on the website.  Just go to my side bar and click on the pink button to help fund mammograms for women who can't afford them.  I've had that site on my tool bar for about 3 years.  Go there.  Click.  Look in the store.  Buy something and help more.  Go on . . . you need to do this.


Today is also Respect Life Sunday.  I have been reading journals and their comments.  I have also commented.  My precious grand-daughter was born at 32 weeks gestation.  She had to be in the NICU ~ the doctors told us she would be there for months and that she might die in the next two days because her little lungs were too weak.  She came home in 12 days.  She's 22 years old now.  Should my daughter have aborted her?  She was just 17 years old - so very young!  I was young when I had my first son - 16 years old.  I didn't abort or keep him. I have the privilege of knowing him and his family.  We would have lost so much if we had scraped them away.  Enough said. 

              Okay now about why I've been gone so long.  No details needed except to say that I have been sick.  Not the best way to lose weight, but for now I'll live with it.  Truly I could not believe that it had been over a month since I had been to my journal and that was a meme.  I sometimes like doing them, but feel I have cheated in a way.

The house is still standing, the crisis has been put on the back burner for now and I'm 46 lbs less than I was in May.  We are thinking about moving somewhere not so costly to live.  We just don't want to live in a dust bowl.   Rents here take a great deal of our disability incomes.  There are some very beautiful places where we could make house payments that would be less than our rent.   I have read journals in the past month, but rarely comment.  I haven't been to great at comments anyway. 

I'm not making any promises about when I will write again.  I have good intentions, but get sidelined.  I love being a part of J-Land.  It's like home for me.  No matter where I go, I can open up the laptop and be "home" again.   Many blessings to you all . . .