Friday, June 27, 2008

Sharing myself in a meme


So true . . . the best part of my week was being able to do volunteer work for Habit for Humanity in my area.  I was able to use my Spanish skills and they let me do the work from home.  For most of the week I have not been well and hurting as I am today.  No problem . . . I have faith that all will be better soon.

I was reading in my friend's private journal today.  She had something called a "Silly Survey"   Since I have promised myself that I will post more often,  I decided to copy and paste giving my own answers.  I'm going to take another nap after this:

Silly survey
1. What was the highlight of your day?   Playing with the puppies
2. How many meals do you usually eat a day?  Usually two

3. What's your favorite movie? If I had to choose - My Fair Lady or King & I
4. Have you ever thought George Clooney was hot? Oh yes!!

5. Have you ever doubted your sexual orientation? No.
6. How long has it been since you have seen an ex? March this year
7. Name 5 of your best friends. My husband, Donna, Krissy, Diane,                                                                                              
8. Would you ever consider moving to Zimbabwe? Depends if God called me there.                                                                       9. What would you do if someone dyed your pubic hairs bright pink permanently? >:o Who would do such a thing????
10. When was the last time you had Starbucks? Early this month
11. Are you single? :-) Very married!
12. What is your opinion on global warming.  I think something is happening, but what?
13. What about abortion?  Murdering a fetus is wrong.  

Luke 17:2 It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.

14. Which would you rather star in: High School Musical or Striptease? Musical
15. What's the worst movie you've ever seen?  Jackass =-O
16. How many times do you sneeze a day?  At least two or three times
17. Are you an "adult"?  Nearly a senior!
18. Where do you live? California - SoCal
19. Have you ever thought Micheal Jackson was going to kidnap you? Why would I?
20. What color hair do you have? Brown with a few strands of gray
21. Would you rather have a hybrid vehicle or a Hummer? Silly question!                                                                                                 22. Who is prettier: Angelina Jolie or Kate Bosworth?  I think Jolie is more striking.
23. What do you think about the tabloids?  Unnecessary and useless
24. Have you ever been to Texas? Passed thru Amarillo some years ago.                                                                                      
25. Would you want to go? sure
26. Do you wear a watch? Nope
27. Have you ever had the sensation that you were falling while asleep?  Yes often
28. Would you rather work at Goodwill or McDonalds?  Goodwill as a volunteer 
29. What do you think about Britney Spears' 16 year old sis getting pregnant? Unfortunately, I am not shocked - so many teens are doing the same.  What happened to purity?
30. Do you recycle? ABSOLUTELY!!

I thank you for being faithful readers of my journal.  I will be posting regularly.  I will be commenting as well.  As for all of you, you are in my daily prayers. 


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Much ado . . .


So . . . spring has passed and we are in the throes of an early and hot summer here on the West Coast.  Just a few miles from us in Ojai, temperatures were as high as 110 degrees.  Closer in, the temperatures were in the high 80's - breaking one record here and one in Oxnard. 

I've been home for nearly 3 weeks now, yet this is my first post this month.  As all moves go, we ran into some snags.  My friends' van was not electrically ready for to tow a trailer, even though all the wiring was there.  Result:  we rented a truck.  Of course it was more money than I was prepared for and I had to rent a car to send them home.  She's handicapped and access on planes or trains is just not right for.

I left a few things up north that I will have to collect when I go for my next visit up there.  I'd go now if I could, but finances will not allow.  Besides, there are wildfires burning and my daughters and granddaughter are in danger of being evacuated.  I'd appreciate your prayers for them and their neighbors.

I got home on the 7th and Precious had her puppies on the 9th.  Both are black, but the female has splotches of brown on her paws and nose.  We have named them Shadow and Gingersnap (reach Chuck's story on Dribble).  Ginger opened her eyes yesterday and Shadow's were open this morning.  They are very tiny (mom weighs about 4 lbs).  Shadow already seems to be able to get out of the basket.  Stinker!

I have been having further neurological testing to find out the exact cause of my numbness and pain.  I am not diabetic, but my feet, ankles and hands tingle most of the time.  It hurts to walk on my feet.  I have a little scooter, but we need to make proper ramps to get it into the car.  Truth is, I know it will all work out all right.

We also have a crisis going on.  My BIL Eddie fell off a pallet at work.  He was loading gardening supplies from a high shelving unit.  He had a heart attack on the way to the hospital and has had several seizures and strokes since then.  He is now on his second bout of pneumonia and although he has been weaned off the breathing machine, he is in a coma that he is not expected to come out of.  Their son was flown home from Iraq, but now the army wants him to return.  Their daughter is with Irene, but the little granddaughter has not been able to see him.  It seems so strange, I just spent the night with them about 10 days before the accident.  We are praying for peace in their hearts and comfort.

I have offered to be a translator for Habitat for Humanity.  For the time being, I will be handling phone calls from home and sometimes in the office.  I hope to be able to go to one of the job sites to translate there.  Although we don't qualify for a home, I would love to offer my hours to others who do qualify.  As well, I am going to look into volunteering in the NICU in a local hospital.  They often need volunteers to rock and hold the babies.

Each day is a beautiful promise for me.  I love having my Internet access back, time to read or do crossword puzzles.  I have my rock tumbler ready to go and plan to make new jewelry out of old costume jewelry.  It will be a big undertaking, as my hands shake all the time.  I'll just have to work harder and plan the time to work.

As always my friends, I think about and pray for you often.  I read journals, but am often too weary to comment back.  Just know I am "lurking" in your words and enjoying your activities.

Blessings to you all,