Saturday, July 21, 2007


                                                        Thanks, Sugar for this lovely graphic

I have been chewed out by the best in J-Land for the lack of entries.  My life has been on overload for a few weeks.  I'm not going into all of it right now.  Suffice it to say we've been busy around here.

This will be a short entry, because although it is only 6 p.m. here, I am tired.  We did a lot of work this morning, went out in the afternoon and worked a bit more.  Busy day.  Maybe I'll join  these little guys and take a nice nap soon.                      

We took Andrea on her first trip to Disneyland in the first week of the month.  She loved it so!  She wanted to go on the roller coaster in California Adventure, but she couldn't talk me into it.  I don't deal with coasters anymore.  I actually stopped when I was 25 or 26.  Took the kids to Six Flags Magic Mountain.  A lot of walking there and very hot in the summer.  Water rides are on the top of the list.  We go on one that didn't look bad, rode around, got splashed then reached a place where the stoped the ride.  I had time enough to look down the long drop and said to myself, "I don't want to do this" and the ride operator said, "Too late now" and let us go.  I was sick to my stomach, had palpitations etc,.  So there!

VBS Camp started a couple of weeks ago and Bible camp starts next week.  Just time enough to get all the laundry done and go again.  I feel like I have been washing for years.

We are all feeling well if tired.  I've lost a little weight and that helps my pain level.  Also the Dr has modified my medications to help them work to my advantage.  Rob has lost a bunch of weight . . . I think he passed a bit on to Andrea. 

Well guys, I have yet to clean the kitchen and fold the clothes.  I don't mind if you pop over to remind me that I haven't posted.  I've missed you all.  Many blessings to those I love so well,