Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Joining You All in Anger and Disbelief

I cannot believe that AOL is shutting down journals!  This is the only reason I have continued to pay.  I've only been here 4 years, but J-Land has become a home of sorts for me. 

That big-wig at the top has no idea what journals editors and my son John Scalzi have created here.  We are not just a bunch of bloggers ~ we are family. 

I have been so ill that I have not been posting as I did in the past, but I hate the idea of some top-dog nobody stealing what we have become.  I for one will not be paying for my account here after my blogs are migrated to Blogger.  This will be my e-mail for a while, but I can't stay where I've been betrayed.

Don't blame the journals editors . . . go straight to the top!  I suppose it's too late to revolt . . . the decision was made on July 25th with no notice to us until now.  It's a sneaky and underhanded thing to do.  There have been many posts on Magic Smoke, so go there to read the disgusting news. 

I love you all so much and will miss the camaraderie here in J-Land.

Blessings and prayers,  Penny


jjdolfin9 said...

The whole thing is just disgusting.  Here is my new address.  I hope to see you somewhere with another blog Sweetie.
Hugs, Joyce  now at http://tagsandalittlechatter.blogspot.com/

cacklinrosie101 said...

Penny, I am just sick.  I've been here 3 years and feel like this is my home away from home....so much support and love.  I'm in shock right now.  I also will not continue to pay and may not continue my e-mail service.  I also feel totally betrayed.  AOL has nailed the final nail in their proverbial coffin.  I hope we can all meet at a new spot and continue to support and lift up each other.  Love to you, Chris

jeanno43 said...

Penny we are all in deep shock.  I have put up with the s..t dished out by AOL over the years including continuing to charge me Platinum rates when I had been on silver for months.  This is the last straw.
I have set up a Blogger journal but I hate it.  No sidebar, now way of posting the things I had on my sidebar.  One person told me she had to try commenting three times before it let her.  I shall be leaving AOL by Christmas.  The best community on the web, smashed and destroyed. I have readers in about twenty countries so they will be lost as well.  The community will break up that is certain.  Some have already gone to elsewhere and not Blogger.  Wherever we go, it will not have the soul of J-Land, J-Land is irreplaceable.  AOL stinks.  I hope they go broke and disappear now.
Journals has BEEN my life for the last four years, I do not know what I shall do without it because I cannot see me sticking around on Blogger, I dislike it very much.

mutualaide said...

We will all miss each other Penny but I think we can help each other keep informed of our locations and work on our community elsewhere ... the web is a huge space and somehow we've managed to make in manageable for us ... we'll be able to do it again.

dbp2000 said...

I, too am in shock but after the way things were handled with the banners I am not surprised.  I already had a blogger journal.  Hope you will come visit and we will create an even bigger and better blogging community!!


preciousone25 said...

I'm also most likely going to close my account, journals was my ONLY reason for keeping AOL!!  Hope you'll stay in touch though.


pharmolo said...

There is a possibility of continuing J-land on Blogger, Penny...

lurkynat said...

dear Penny,
are you moving to Blogger?
I feel sad too!:(
You and your family have done so many miracles here!:)
I hope that you consider going to blogger and please send me your addy then
affectionately yours,nat

astaryth said...

I hope you will be joining us over at Blogger.... I already have a blogger journal that I have used to mirror my AOL Journal for sometime now... just in case something like this happened. I'm a little upset that my pessimistic fears have become a reality. If you need any help getting your Blogger blog just so, give me a holler. Check out my blog at


The header, background, etc were all created by me and added to a modified template... it's all pretty easy over there AND you have more 'artistic' control and not just the lame color changes we had at journals.

Be sure and give us all your new address if you continue to blog anywhere. Heck, maybe John will set you up over at his place ;p